Wednesday, May 25, 2011

William Abbatt's "The battle of Pell's Point" Photograph Number 5

Photograph Number 5 from "The Battle of Pell's Point (or Pelham)"is a view over looking the Hutchinson river valley towards the west. Today the landscape has been greatly altered. Split Rock road now has houses lining both sides of the street. The only way to see the view would be from someones back yard or by catching a glimpse of it between the houses. This is what I have done and the results are not that great. The woods in the distances of the 1901 photograph has been filled in with large shopping malls and parking lots. The Hutchinson Highway also runs across this area. See the modern image below.
A google earth image of the area showing Split Rock Road and the camera angle. I have also highlighted the location of St Paul's Church. With a slight change in angle it would have been seen in 1901 across the valley.
My Holga 120N view looking between the houses along Split Rock Road.

A detail of the above photo showing the ridge line through the tress.

My drawing from the original 1901 image

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cannon Tubes

A Dahlgren Boat Howltzer on display at Petersburg Va.
One of my side projects has been collecting rubbings from cannon muzzles from the Civil War battlefields that I have been visiting. The following images are from cannons at Petersburg & Gettysburg. Often the cannon tubes that are on the fields today are original cannons that date from the Civil War period. The muzzles are marked in different ways with info about the gun. Generally the information included the manufacture or foundry & the date. Other info might include the weight, how much the tube weighs & a serial number. Today was able to scan the drawings.They make a interesting visual image.
3 inch Ordnance Rifle Petersburg Va.
12 pound Napoleon Petersburg Va.

Painting Studio slides from 1984

I found some slides that I took of myself painting at my parents house. The slides are dated May 1984.It looks like I'm painting some sort of twisted figure teenage angst guy. A self portrait no doubt. This was when I was in my punk rock phase. I was listening to the Swans first EP, early Sonic Youth, WHFS 102.3, DC HarDCore, Flipper & having a great time!