Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mounted Prints-

In my recent work, I’ve been working with panoramic map illustrations from WW1era.The images depict the vast battlefield with labeled town, roads & rivers of Europe. The views are from a high imaged vantage point. Looking off obliquely at the scene instead of straight down like a conventional map. The images are simultaneously both map & imaginary painted illustration. I start my painted collage process first by printed the image with the Epson 1280. After printing they were mounted on to 3/8 MDF boards. I paint on top of the image using gouache & mixing iron powder with natural glues. The iron powder is built up in layers so that the iron can rust & turn different shades of browns & oranges.Verdun Rust Front
The original illustration eventually becomes obliterated with the over painting. However I am careful to maintain the original since of space & prospective used in the illustration. It becomes a framework for the world that I then work with in.Verdun Belt of rust

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