Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Northern Lights over Fredricksburg 1862

"Who would not pass on as they did, dead for their country's life, and lighted to burial by the meteors splendor of their native sky?

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

This artwork was inspired from the above quote from J. Chamberlain. In the winter of 1862, he & the 20th. Maine were involved in the Battle of Fredricksburg. Basically his unit was to charge across open ground, up to the heavily defended Marye Heights outside of the town. By the night of December 13,14 1862, he and the rest of the 20th. Maine lay repulsed, pinned down, under the Confederate guns on the Heights. That cold night as he and other survivors tried to comfort the wounded & bury the dead, the northern lights were seen to play above in the sky.

The first two images are sumi ink & conti crayon on a photo print. The period photograph is by Timothy O'Sullivan. It shows the town of Fredericksburg from the Union side of the Rappahannock River.

The rest of the images are ink on shopping bags with either oil stick or conti crayon.

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