Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gettysburg November 23,2010

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This is a map of my November 23 Gettysburg trip. For this trip I shot with the Holga 120N & the Holga Wide Pin-Hole camera. The weather was overcast & a little rainy. It seems like every time I go on these photo trips it's raining. The Holga 120N shots had that overlapped frame issue that I talked about in earlier posts, but I think I got some good shots. As I'm gaining more experience shooting with both of these cameras I am finding that I really like the result's I get with the Holga 120N. Although I like the wide view, long exposure, & unpredictable nature of the pinhole camera, I find that the quality of the image from the 120N is more what I'm after. The next trip I will shoot a little more seriously with it.
Holga 120N View of Culp's meadow from Cemetery Hill.

Devils Den Holga pin hole.

East Calvary Field. Site of Custer's Charge. Holga Pin-Hole.
Holga 120N- Rose Farm field. Site of the famous Gardner photographs of Confederate dead.            

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  1. Great shots. Interesting perspective from the Wide Pinhole. Be sure to check out our site for all things Holga related including great articles and interviews at www.HolgaDirect.com

    Keep up the good work!

    Rick @ HolgaDirect