Monday, May 5, 2014

100 Poppies- Centennial of World War 1 Painting

In honor of the centennial of the start of World War 1, I am building a new painting, entitled "100 Poppies". I am using a simple pictorial sequence of 100 poppies images, representing the span of time in years that separates us, in the present, from the time of World War 1. Poppies are laid out in a linear time line format that starts in 1914 and leads to the present day. The chart starts in the lower left and moves to the right for twenty spaces, or years. It then starts again on the left side one row up. Thus it moves upwards for five rows. Each row can be conceived of as one generation.
 The painting is in two parts for ease of handling. The finished painting will be sixteen feet long and four feet high. I am building it for my solo show opening next month at Brooklyn Box.  It will take up an entire length of one wall of the gallery.  Again it is constructed using paper shopping bags, battlefield earth, and pigments.

The left hand section. Depicting the cauterized war years.

The unfinished right hand section of the painting.

Close up of encrusted poppie.

Cauterized charcoal poppie.

Mud encrusted Poppies wet with walnut stain. This home made walnut stain was created from nuts that were collected from the Harper's Ferry battle field during my visit last summer.

Mud spattered poppie.

Battlefield earth ,pigments and glue

Bag of poppies ready for application and finish painting.

Flying Squirrel poppies

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