Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Post DSR

Reflected sound patterns from a speaker 1995
Part of a series of works that dealt with visualizing, enlarging, sound patterns.

After DSR disbanded I became interested in developing natural or random controls over sound machines. In creating sculptures on my own I was again attracted to elements of chaos. I wanted to replace the human performer. I was able to build large outdoor public sculptures that were self-playing using wind power. A large sail would pull or push a series of pluckers across a piano backboard. A wind turbine would spin guitar picks and play three acoustic guitars. Indoor works used the rough surfaces of rocks to play various prepared string instruments.
Simultaneously I began to develop drawings that described sound patterns. First I created large ink brush drawings. I strive for random and repetitive markings. These were beautiful but were somehow just representations of what my sculptures were doing. What I was looking for was a technique that truly added a random outcome to the mix.

Drum Machines

These drums were triggered from a soilioid that tapped the clear Mylar surface. Contact microphones amplified the large surface & sounded like a lose kick drum. The Mylar surface rippled and though reflections and shadows that danced & vibrated like sound waves.

Sumi Ink Sound Pattern Drawing

Wind Guitars 1993
The turning wind turbine spun three plectrums that strummed the three guitars.

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