Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ebenezer Drawings

I started my Ebenezer project with this series of drawings. I was inspired after trolling through the Library of Congress Civil War photo collection. ( Their I discovered a number of period photographs from the swamp areas of the deep south. I was struck with the way the vegetation looked & how it photographed. Quite mysterious & menacing. For my first compositions I wanted to show the pontoon bridge in the river as seen looking through the trees. The bridge does not make it all the way across.
Later after reading about what an Ebenezer was I added the symbolism of the rock. I use Trader Joe's paper shopping bags. I am trying out different views & compositions. The materials are compressed charcoal, white conte crayon, sumi ink, & white house paint. I have to work quickly on this paper once it's wet. It won't take much abuse. The time limit is also good for me so that I try to get ideas out fast & move on. I jump to the next page when I get a new idea.

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