Wednesday, August 11, 2010

General Washington's Retreat from Brooklyn New York 1776

I have been playing around with constructing situations that relate to events from history. Using a theater space & lighting I am able to build large-scale set-ups for photo shoots. These photo shoots enable me to better visualize & compose various scenes. My idea is to use the photographs as a starting point for larger paintings. The painting will use the photograph as a ground over witch I will paint.
The first set-up deals with General Washington’ Continental army’s retreat across the East River from Brooklyn to Manhattan. For this basic set up I constructed 13 paper boats that were based on the type of boats that were used &active in New York harbor in 1776. I next arranged them on a background & photographed them. The next phase of this project will involve recreating this set up close to the actual place were the events took place in 1776.

Here are the first sketches for this project. The medium that I'm working with lend them self well to idea of small boats disappearing into fog at night.

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