Monday, July 18, 2011

Orient Point Civil War Mounment

Image number 1. This is the earlier of the two postcards from the early 1900's. Notice the streets are unpaved. I wonder if any of the trees are the same in both photographs?

My family and I spent our holiday on the North Fork of Long Island this summer. Often we would drive from Jamesport area out east to the towns of Greenport and Orient. We liked to eat at a seafood place that was also a boat marina near Orient Point. One day walking into the restaurant, I noticed a display of old 19th & 20th century post cards showing the area around Orient. The ones that caught my eye were two depicting the Civil War monument in Orient. I thought that it would make a good now and then photo project. So the next time I we came out to the restaurant I brought my digital camera and capture the postcards & the actual scene. The monument was dedicated in 1870, and I believe that it honors the area men that fought in the war of rebellion. There are a number of names inscribed on the four sides. Greenport and South Hold have similar monuments. More on those later.

Image number 2. A later postcard possibly from the 1920's. Notice how the street's have been paved and a sidewalk put in. The Orient Congregational Church is hidden behind the trees in the modern view.


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