Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Visit to Mommoth Battlefield

I made a quick visit to the Mommoth Battlefield back in August.  The weather was hazy, hot and humid, typical for August in central New Jersey. I knew before hand that it would be hard to intrepid the battlefield without a guide. So I scheduled my trip around a battlefield walk hosted by a local historian. Thought there are some subtle landmarks and areas of note, Combs Hill artillery position for one. The landscape is not that dramatic. The main battlefield is a large ridge/hill that has a fence line and orchard across its peak.
View of orchard

 This area saw heavy fighting. English troops tried to out flank the American troops on theother side of the road moving from right to left along the area of the tree line. Holga 120N.

I took along my trio of cameras. My two Holga's, the 120N and the WPC pinhole. I also brought the larger wooden 4x5 pinhole. On the whole, this was not a very successful documentation trip. I had some exposure issues with the Holga 120N. I mixed up the bulb switch and could not tell if it was in the right position. I should know by know right? A number of shots turned out way over exposed. But maybe it added an interesting quality to the otherwise mundane tree line landscapes.
Holga 120N shots

Combs Hill is the grass slope in the center.

The view from Combs Hill is perhaps the most impressive on the field. It was from this location that American Artillery was able to provide enfilading cannon fire into the ranks of English soldiers. It has been said that one cannon ball was able to knock the muskets out of the hands of a whole English platoon.

View from down range of Combs Hill.
View down Combs Hill from the visitor center. The Fields in the distance is where the main battle was fought.

Another view down Combs Hill from the visitor center.I moved to the right of the above image. Both these shots are 4x5 Pinhole images.
 Not far from the battlefield is the Old Tennent Church. The structure was used as a hospital after the battle. There are a number of old period grave stones in the church yard.
A holga 120N capture of the Tennent Church.

A 4x5 pinhole capture.

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