Monday, October 17, 2011

Fort Defiance Brooklyn- Drawings

Taken from "The Heroes of the American Revolution and their Descendants, Battle of Long Island" by Henry Whittemore 1897
Battle of Fort Defiance August 1776- 2011

"One ship of smaller size (HMS Roebuck) alone succeeded in working up sufficiently far to open with its guns on the wholly inadequate battery the Americans had established at Red Hook, on the western extremity of their Brooklyn lines; and the fire of even this single ship sufficed sadly to injure the breastworks, and dismount some of the guns."

Taken from "Studies Military and Diplomatic 1775-1865" Charles Francis Adams, Macmillan Company 1911, Republished by Sam W. Galowitz "Revolutionary War Battle of Brooklyn".  2007 pp.143

"Parapet of Fort Defiance" 2011- Red soil of Red Hook. Soil over photograph of modern Red Hook
“situated in such a manner as to command the harbor entirely. We have a fort with four 18-pounders, to fire en barbette. That is over the top of the works, which is vastly better than firing through embrasures, as we can now bring all our guns to bear on the same object at once. The fort is named Defiance.”  
Taken from "The Battle of Brooklyn 1776" John J. Gallagher, Castle Books 1995
Red Hook soil- The Red soil parapet Walls of Fort Defiance.
View of New York from Fort Sterling or Crescent Fort
View of Brooklyn from New York entrenchments.

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