Saturday, September 29, 2012

Photos From Majorica-Inspiration in your own back yard

A view of the neighbors house from our backyard.

This summer my family and I headed back to Majorca, Spain. My wife's family have been vacationing there off and on for a number of years. This time I brought along my Holga wide angle pinhole camera, a Holga 120N, and the little DYI 35mm camera. I shot Fuji Acros 100 and Fuji color PRO400H . I also shot some expired Kodak 125 B&W 35mm. The color I had processed here in the states and I developed the B&W myself. I had wanted to process the film in Spain, however no one does that anymore. It would have to be send out and maybe it would be back in time before I had to return home. I was also worried about having my film x-ray ed as I went through the airports, but I don't think it affected the film to badly.
All the photos in this post are from in front of the house we rented. I was reminded of the old adage "The best place to look for inspiration is your own yard." With the photos below you can see I had a wonderful front yard with plenty of subject matter.

The first group of images below are the rocks in front of our vacation house. Taken with the 35mm DYI camera. The lens was screwed all the way out so that it creates a cool vignette around the image. These shots of the rocks and waves remind me of old silent movie technique's.

Wide angle pin hole

Wide angle pin hole

One afternoon a small boat caught fire outside of the port. No one was hurt, but it provided a spectacular photo opportunity. The image was taken with the Holga Wide angle pinhole.

A Holga 120N shot. It is way over exposed because the bulb switch was on. I was only able to salvage two shots from this roll.
The image was taken with the Holga 120N on bulb setting.

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