Saturday, November 24, 2012

Punkiesburg art work

Drawing from Bergen's map. I used this simple drawing as a template for creating  a series of paintings. The map is said to be a copied from a much older map. For more information about this map, the original blog post is Here-
 I have finished up some paintings that are a representation of the area known as Punkiesburg. The old Dutch name for the strange hill that was located near the intersection of Court St. and Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, New York. I created these images by superimposing an old drawing over the modern photographs of the area.

"Punkiesburg Hill Outline" 33.5 X 35.5" Sharpie on ink jet print mounted on board. 2012
"Punkiesburg Hill Earth" 24.5" x 41" Brooklyn soil on ink jet print mounted on board. 2012
Detail of the brooklyn soil. I collected the soil from a street construction site near by.
"Punkiesburg Hill Tar" 27.5" x 36" Tar, house paint on ink jet print mounted on wood. 2012

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