Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Art work and Photos from "100 Poppies" Exhibition

The front gate with a small flyer.
 I thought I would post some images from my solo show at Brooklyn Box last June. I have included a mix of some art work as well as how it was installed in the galley. The show featured ten paintings and twelve small drawings on ink jet prints. The theme of the exhibition was marking the one hundredth anniversary of the starting of World War 1.
100 Lupin's- Tannenburg 1914-2014. Oil on panel 16"x20", 2014. This painting was created by repeating a simple gesture of a Lupin flower one hundred times.

"100 Years of Poppies" Mixed Medium on paper shopping bags. 4 feet by 16 feet. 2014. This large work was created to take up one wall of the gallery. 100 paper poppies forms are arranged in a grid, like a calender. Each poppies can be thought of as representing one year of time. The five years of World War 1 are represented in the lower left corner. They are blackened with charcoal. Moving from left to right row by row we reach the present time in the upper right corner.

Twelve small drawings over ink jet prints. 8"x10" framed.

"Six Poppies painted 100 times". Oil on Panel. 2014.

Trying to photograph "100 Poppies".

"100 Lupins of Tannenburg 1914-2014". Oil on panel 2014. This painting was my first attempt at reproducing the Lupen flower shape and form.

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