Monday, September 22, 2014

Falling Zepplins 2

Way back in 2009 I had a blog post about some drawings that I made about German Zeppelin raids during World War 1. It can be found here. I have always wanted to come back to them and try out some different ideas. Like painting on velvet. This first group of nine paintings are small works on thick velour mounted on cardboard. They are about 5x7 inches or smaller.

With this second group of paintings I tried to refine my fabric choice. These paintings are black flocking on wood panel and oil paint. They are larger, about 12 x 16 inches.

These painting didn't photograph all that well. The black flocking is a much richer black in real light. The image below is a crashed Zeppelin. I created it using glued string on top of thick charcoal. It is on wood panel. I had the charcoal base kicking around the studio for a couple of years. It was a experiment with the materials. I was seeing how I could glue down thick layers of home made charcoal. Well it worked, using gum Arabic. It is a hard, totally fixed surface. That is matte, and doesn't look "glued".
This painting has been chosen for the up coming exhibit at Curious Matter in November. The Exhibit is called "Obsolescence". I will create a future blog post about the show.

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