Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Abbatt's Photograph Number 4 Shore Road

 This is Abbatt's map from his 1901 book. It probably deserves a post all it's own. The red arrow approximates the direction of view from his photograph of Shore Rd. and Split Rock Rd. Photo number 4.
This was a tricky shot to line up in modern times. Today Split Rock road & Shore road do not intersect. But the location was established using Abbatt's map.  Knowing  that the modern golf course has replaced old Split Rock road, and using the old rail road bridge as a landmark, I was able to make a connection. The railroad bridge was put in sometime in the late 19th century. It's an ornate iron type affair that Amtrack still runs over today . Now it serves as the entrance to the golf course, but originally it was built for traffic on Split Rock road to pass under the tracks. All of this works out,  assuming that the position of Shore Road hasn't changed in 100+ years.
Photograph from 1900

View from the edge of Shore Rd. towards the railroad bridge in the center. This is now the parking lot for Split Rock Golf course.

Another view about 75 yards closer with a view of the bridge through the trees.

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