Monday, April 25, 2011

St. Paul's Church East Chester-Photograph 9

Notice how the old large tree in the lower photo is gone, but the small tree to the left has grown to replace it.

Original photograph from 1900

Photograph number 9 Saint Paul’s Church
This was a straight forward now & then shot. Luckily the area has been taken over by the National Park Service when the church closed in the 1970’s. It is wonderful place to visit. There are many activities thought the year, many having to do with the battle of Pell’s Point & John Glover. There is a small museum that is located on the grounds, that feature exhibits based on the history of the surrounding area as well as the historic church grounds. The large cemetery surrounding the church that has an area where British & Hessian soldiers are buried from the battle of Pell’s Point. St. Paul’s was used as a hospital after the battle. Here is the link to their web site.

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