Thursday, April 28, 2011

Abbatt's Photograph number 7 Wolf's Lane

Then and Now 1901- 2011
This is an interesting shot because even thought the two images are taken 100+ years apart, the suburban terrain hasn't changed all that much.You can see that the earthen embankments are about the same, although today there is a retaining wall on the left. It seems to me that the original photograph was taken a little further down the road. Maybe 20 feet or so. My position is on the right corner of Wolf Lane and what today is the Boston Post rd.
Here is a map of the area from about the time that Abbatt wrote his book. It dates from 1896 or so. I have labeled the important roads. The large arrow is the corner location where the Abbatt photograph was made. The direction of view pictured in the photograph is looking down hill to the left along the Boston Post Rd. In the direction of the "Hotel" marked on this map. This map is important because from it we can see that the modern street grid is just starting to be filled out. Old roads from pre-colonial times are serving as a framework upon which the land is being subdivided into smaller plots. New roads then connect the plots together. On this map you can see the individual houses and who owned them.

5x7 Pin hole camera capture with Fuji 100 B&W film

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