Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Colors Along Split Rock Road- Battle of Pell's Point

Center roadway. Split Rock road

View down the road way toward the direction of the British- Hessian advance.

Trees arching over the over grown road bed.

Part of the stone wall next to the former road way.

I think I angled the camera to much toward the setting sun on this shot. Maybe the light hit the edge of the pin hole?

Part of the stone wall next to the former road way.

Witness Tree

The same day I visited Chatterton Hill in White Plans I stopped off at Split Rock golf course. Back in October my friend and I attended a tour of the Pell's Point Battlefield hosted by Saint Paul Church National Historic Site - (U.S. National Park Service). They offer tours of the battlefield about twice a year. During the tour, traces of the original Split Rock road were pointed out as well as remnants of the stone walls that played a crucial roll in the fighting.
I returned to photograph the fall colors and get some shots of the stone walls and road bed. I used the same cameras as before, DIY 35mm and WPC Holga pinhole. I shot Fuji film.

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  1. Hi...
    I definitely recommend the Gaken camera, easy to assemble and cool results. I did use the stereo setting once and the result is in my blog. You'll need a software to convert the 2 stereo pictures into anaglyph format so it can be seen with the red and cyan glasses.

    Cool pinhole shots you have in here by the way...